At Levelline Framing, Inc., our goal is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with quality builders in Arizona. We do that through aggressive job cost analysis and lumber management that make it possible to react to market fluctuations in real time. The benefit to our builders is effective cost control measures that allow for true value engineering. These cost controls result in less waste, which means a more environmentally friendly finished project.


Whether the project is one home or a tract, our professionals will:
– Read and estimate the plans for each home site
– Provide dynamic, scalable job costing information
– Provide a CD with scanned blueprints and detailed project information


At the touch of a button, the Levelline Framing, Inc. management can:
– Compare costs instantly
– React to changing prices in the commodities market
– Communicate the best strategies directly to builders

Levelline Framing, Inc.’s industry-leading programs will save builders money.

Production is performed on time with no sacrifice to quality.

– TS, Hacienda Builders