Cost Management Program

The industry is changing and visibility is the key to low build costs. Our process allows us to ensure the lowest prices and dial in your takeoff costs together.


As one of the largest residential framers in Arizona, we have the buying power to give the most aggressive framing bids. The pricing from our material suppliers are cross checked every 30, 60 and 90 days to ensure the lowest price commodities are passed on to our builders. In addition, we track the Random Lengths Index and use it as a benchmark to track the weekly and monthly trends with the lumber and truss aspects of our bids and contracts.

We realize that many builders would like to know and understand in more detail the actual costs of the framing component of a house. In order to inform our builders, we have developed a process from bid to contract that allows the builder to view the information that we have in our system. This includes the lumber takeoffs with unit pricing as well as the ability to provide a competitive analysis by seeing multiple suppliers and comparing their unitized costs as well. Furthermore, plan changes are archived in our system with an explanation to track each and every change that affects the lumber and truss materials. Our lumber management system is second to none and we have the ability to analyze numbers in a matter of minutes, not days and weeks like the competition. We give up-to-date, real-time, information so the right decisions can be made in this demanding environment.

Unlike the competition, we offer a unique aspect with our bids. Based on volume, we offer direct truss pricing through our partnerships with truss companies and lumber companies. Your company can expect an immediate cost savings between $300 and $1000 per house. We ultimately provide you with the management to schedule, supply and install the trusses with zero mark up on the product. This is done without sacrificing quality or service.

As more builders move to direct material acquisition, the need for labor-only options becomes more crucial. Offering efficient labor-only options strains the profitability of most framing contractors. At Levelline Framing, Inc., our experience with labor-only production has allowed us to remain viable in the current building environment. In addition, we are equipped to provide lumber management and value engineering throughout the project at no additional cost to the builder.

We look forward to an opportunity to prove why we are an aggressive cost sensitive company in this challenging economic environment.

All the best,

Eric Gallagher
Business Development / Lumber Management
Office: (623) 587-9052
Cell: (623) 680-7920

Levelline’s attention to detail and thorough execution have contributed to the success of our home building program here in Arizona.

– CP, Mattamy Homes